Musos unearthed at jazz festival on Saturday and is expected to be sent back to Egypt

Musos unearthed at jazz festival on Saturday and is expected to be sent back to Egypt.

Sisi said he «fears the worst» after the dead bodies of three Coptic priests were found in a desert area along the Nile.

The Egyptian army announced that it had found a large cache of explosives after the army and police stormed a church in the town of Saqqara overnight after the deadly attack.

The Coptic Orthodox church in the town of Saqqara in North Sinai, the stronghold of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, was stormed and stormed in a raid by soldiers of the army and the Egyptian armed forces into the church, which is the fourth-largest in Egypt, and a major pilgrimage site and an area used by dozens of millions of Muslims, mainly in North Sinai.

A local Coptic bishop told reporters the body of a man and two female members of his family were found with stab wounds in the church, about 20 km (12 miles) from the town of Saqqara.

The ministry of the interior also announced a suic바카라ide bombing at the entrance to the town’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

The army said the attack was claimed by the Egyptian armed forces and the country’s Muslim Brotherhood, which has condemned the attack as an attack on Islam and its Coptic members. The Brotherhood has said Egypt is under an «attack» and has called for unity.

Sisi said the attack appeared to be premeditated in order to in바카라사이트timidate and disrupt the funeral of the third and fourth Coptic priests.

The four priests, including the bishop, were buried outside the town of Saqqara, which had a large Coptic population.

Sisi vowed on Saturday that the attack would not stop the funeral of the three Copts.

«We’re determined and determined to destroy any terror that may be caused, and we expect to reach a decision by tomorrow morning on how to handle this matter,» he said in a televised speech.

«All of Egypt must be free, and free from terrorism. This is the will of God. The enemy has made such an attack.»

The army declared the attack an act of terrorism.

The three priests were not directl더킹카지노y targeted in the attack. They were not buried in Saqqara’s church but were placed in another local church to be opened up for mass in the evening on Saturday, the minister, Mohamed Tawadros said.

There had been reports that the men had been transferred from Saqqara to another nearb

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